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Farmers Market Preorders

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If you shop at one of our markets and want to order our products in advanced, fill out this form and we'll bring it to the market of your choosing. There is no prepay so you pay on location when you pick up your order.
Please take a look at the menu page for our current offerings, and follow our social media as well as your local market’s for important updates, including cancellations due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.


Order *

Before placing your order, be sure to check our current menu offerings as we are selling out and removing items as we do so.......

*Please enter one item per line with the format shown in the box below:

[Quantity] x [Item Name] specify GF, Ravioli, Fresh pasta to make orders clear.

Note: Fresh pasta and ravioli are sold in 12oz. packages (2 - 3 servings).

Keep ravioli frozen (4-6 months) and keep fresh pasta refrigerated (use or freeze by the date indicated on the package).   Follow directions on bottom of lasagna and Manicotti for storage and cooking. Arugula Pesto must be kept at least refrigerated (1- 1 1/2 months shelf life once thawed, if kept and used frozen 4-6 month shelf life)  Sauces are shelf stable up to 2 years (dates on bottom of jar) refrigerate after opening ( shelf life 2-3 weeks opened properly stored)

We ask for your phone number as a second way to reach you if we have questions about your order.

Choose an option from the drop down menu so we know where to take your order! For directions you can visit our 'Find Us' page. Make sure to follow your favorite farmers markets on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on events and cancellations.

Please select a day you would like us to bring your order that corresponds to the market location and day selected above. Check the 'Find Us' page for specific dates.

Thanks for submitting!


Orders must be submitted a minimum of 24hrs in advanced of your market start time in order to be fulfilled.

Due to unforeseen weather and circumstances, outside of our control, a farmers market may be canceled on short notice. As a result, we may have to cancel your order if we are unable to attend a farmers market or if the farmers market has been canceled.

To stay up to date on farmers market events and cancellations, we recommend following them on one of their individual social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Please check here for more information about each farmers market and to access individual farmers markets websites we have provided.

Thank you,
- Valicenti Team

For all other questions, suggestions, wholesale inquiries, and compliments feel free to contact us.

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