Sweet Pea w/ Olive Oil

Valicenti Pasta Farm's Sweet Pea w/ Olive Oil

Do you smell that?

Spring is here and so is the Sweet Pea w/ Olive Oil Ravioli!

This light, refreshing, dairy-free, and delicious ravioli is back for a limited time!  You really don't want to miss it.

Not a vegetarian?  So what!  Just because we didn't put meat in it doesn't mean you can't!  All you meat and cheese eaters can still enjoy this spring time ravioli by adding some Prosciutto and Parmigiano cheese to your dinner plate.  Visit our recipe page for ideas on how to prepare our Sweet Pea w/ Olive Oil ravioli.

Don't forget that you can come right to our farm in Hollis, NH or visit us at one of our farmers markets to pick up a pack.  Click the link below to place an order for market pickup.