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We are currently offering a wide variety of Fresh Pasta and Gourmet Ravioli in addition to our Tomato Basil “Red Gravy” Pasta Sauce and Arugula Pistachio Pesto!

Seasonal Ravioli

20 Fresh Frozen Ravioli Per Pack

*Roasted Pear, Prosciutto & Gorgonzola

*Multigrain Portobello, Spinach & Chevre

*Pumpkin & Brie

*Caramelized Butternut Squash (Dairy Free)

*Moroccan Braised Carrot & Chick Pea ( Dairy Free)

*Grilled Corn w/ Fennel, Peppers & Dry Jack

*Brown Butter & Sage Roasted Sweet Potato

*Roasted Beet w/ Pecorino Toscano

*Herbed Chevre w/ Local Honey

*Truffled Wild Mushroom

*Potato & Leek

*Ricotta & Grana Padano (Cheese)

*Multigrain Swiss Chard & Ricotta

*Artichoke & Boursin

*Traditional Spinach

*Brandied Lobster


*Duck Confit w/ Ginger & Shiitake

*Chicken Pesto

*Braised Pasture Raised Beef

*Broccoli & Fontina

*Porchetta w/ Fennel & Chilis

( Dairy Free)

*Slow Barbecue Lamb w/ Caramelized

Sweet Potato

*Roasted Apple, Camembert & Almond

*Toasted Cauliflower w/ Golden                Raisins & Grana Padano

*Ratatouille & Chevre

*Shrimp & Scallop Cioppino

*Beer & Butter Shrimp

Specialty Pasta

Blonde Semolina                      

Multi Grain

Ancient Grain & Flax



Orange & Toasted Fennel

Sicilian Olive


Wheat Grass

Porcini Mushroom

Red Wine

Lemon Basil


Tomato Caper


Fresh Herb



Carrot & Dill

Wild Garlic Scape


Lasagna Sheets


Gluten Free

Our Unique Flavor Combinations Change With the Seasons !

If you’re looking for something special, we would be happy to make it for you!

Gluten Free Pasta Now Available at Farmers Markets! So Good You can’t tell it’s Gluten-Free!